Vocational Qualification Certificate What are the Advantages
What are the advantages of VQA Certificates

The national qualification system contributes to strengthen our economy through decreasing unemployment in mid and long terms, ensuring the development of employment and increasing the competitive capacity. Increasing the employment rate of qualified and certified labour force helps raise the standards by disseminating more qualified products and services.




  • The certificate, obtained as a result of an assessment process which takes national qualifications as basis, gives the individual an opportunity to exhibit the knowledge, skills and competence acquired while applying for a job.
  • Individuals may improve themselves in more various and flexible ways as national qualifications allow formal and informal learning to be recognized. Career mobility is also supported because the path towards occupational development is more open.



  • The employers are able to reach qualified and certified labour force that the occupation requires more easily and make use of incentive opportunities.
  • Employing individuals, who possess the necessary knowledge and skills required and can fit in the changing circumstances easily, increases the competitive capacity. With right planning of human resources, the loss of money and time is prevented
  • Increasing the employment rate of qualified and certified labour force raises life standards by generalizing more qualified products and service.





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