Development Process of National Occupational Standards Development of Draft Occupational Standards and Review
Development of draft OSs

NOSs are either prepared by working groups formed by VQA or by institutions that apply to VQA and are assigned following the necessary examination and evaluation .

A technical briefing on the process of developing an occupational standard is conducted for the institutions assigned by VQA for the development of occupational standards.

Within the scope of the technical briefing, information on parts of the occupational standard, methods for developing standards and certain points that should be considered carefully are mentioned.

Draft occupational standards are submitted to VQA and following the completion of review, if appropriate the standards are presented to the related parties for their opinion.

Draft occupational standards are presented to the related parties by the developing institution through ‘’the form of review and evaluation for draft occupational standards’’ for feedback and these drafts are presented for public consultation on the websites of both VQA and the preparing institution for a period of one month.

Please click here for the occupational standards in the process of feedback.

Related feedback is evaluated by the developing institution and those that are found appropriate are added to the standard. Justification is provided through the form of feedback and evaluation for those that are found inappropriate.

Draft occupational standards and the form of review and evaluation are sent to VQA for their presentation to the sector committee.

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