Application and Assignment

The organizations applying to prepare national occupational standards are expected to create an occupation map related to the sector. While creating an occupation map related to the sector, main parts (sub sectors) are classified as groups and occupations; under each part, limits and levels are determined. The aim of occupation mapping is to make a general analysis of the sector and thus drawing a picture regarding the subsectors, occupations, number of workers, key tendencies in the sectors, features of employment and priorities. Occupation maps are also useful for determining horizontal occupations which may take place in more than one sector. Thus, in line with the demand of the labour market, a worker experienced in one branch of occupation is able to move to another branch which requires competence at the end of a certain period of time.

After the occupation map is created, related organizations start the application process by filling in the ‘’application form for preparing occupational standards’’ and conveying it to VQA as wet-signed.


The applications for preparing occupational standards are evaluated based on the following criteria:


  • The ability to represent the sector
  • Proof of cooperation and partnership regarding the equal participation of social parties in the preparation process
  • Necessary human resources in terms of expertise and number in order to manage the development process of qualifications including the content of the standards and volume of the job
  • The infrastructure feasibility in order to develop occupational standards

Following an evaluation process, in the case that the VQA Executive Board makes the decision of assignment, the process of developing occupational standards is started with the cooperation protocol.


Note: The organizations may make an application for preparing both standards and qualifications for the related occupation. With the decision of assignment of the organizations applying to prepare both standards and qualifications, a protocol of cooperation for the preparation of national occupational standards and national qualifications is signed between the organization and VQA.

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