Scope Expansion Application for Scope Expansion (After the Accreditation Process)
Application For Scope Expansion (After Accreditation)

The authorized certification body (accredited within the scope of the preliminary contract for scope expansion regarding the national qualifications and/or international standards that national qualifications take as base) uploads to the portal the documents (given in the part of scope expansion of the VQA portal and the documents updated during the accreditation process). After the certification body fills in all the compulsory parts, ‘’the form of scope expansion’’ created by the portal, is printed out and signed by the person / people authorized to represent the institution. The signed form of the application is sent to VQA with the application letter.

The application documents of the certification body are examined by the file supervisor and as a result of the evaluations made, an audit (to the institutiton whose application is found appropriate) is conducted for scope expansion.

As a result of the audit, in the case that no irrregularity is found or those that are found are fixed in a certain period of time, the scope of authorization of the institution is expanded without the need of a new contract.

The updated content of authorization of the authorized certification body and its fee scale are published on the website of VQA.

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