Legal Consultancy
Legal Consultancy

 The Legal Consultancy shall have the following duties:

  • To provide opinion on any legal issues inquired about by the Office of the President and other units as well as on any operations likely to have legal, financial, administrative and penal implications.

  • To take legal measures on a timely basis, which would protect the interests of the Authority and prevent any potential disagreement, and extend assistance over the preparation and execution of agreements and contracts in line with these principles.

  • To review in legal terms and provide opinion on any draft laws, by-laws and regulations for which the opinion of the Authority is requested or which are prepared by the Authority.

  • To represent the Authority as part of any judicial and administrative actions and executive proceedings before any courts, arbitrators and execution offices as well as any other authorities involved with legal actions and executive operations.

  • To carry out any other similar duties assigned by the President as well as any other similar duties envisaged by the legislation.

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