Human Resources and Auxiliary Services Department
Human Resources and Auxiliary Services Department

 Human Resources and Auxiliary Services Department shall have the following duties:

  • To conduct the activities regarding the recruitement and personal rights of the Authority staff, prepare the human resources policy with the performance criteria.

  • To set up the information infrastructure necessary for Authority services, follow technological developments, take necessary precautions regarding the safety and reliability of information, and implement the determined policies and principles

  • To conduct and coordinate the paperwork, archieve, documentation and portable services of the Authority

  • To conduct the activities of tender, purchasing and logistics

  • To carry out any other similar duties assigned by the President as well as any other similar duties envisaged by the legislation.



Information Security Policy

The general purpose of information security is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of institutional information and information and communication systems that contain or are used to process information by increasing the awareness of the information security of all parties within the framework of relevant laws and conventions. This level is determined by information security risk management, which provides an appropriate balance between risks and measures for the institution's information assets and services, taking into account existing information security threats.


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