Projects under preparation
Projects under preparation

The Operation of the Implementation of the Turkish Qualifications System and Framework (TUYEP)

The purposes of the TUYEP Operation, which is planned to be financed within the scope of the IPA-II period (Instrument for pre-accession assistance), are as follows:

-strengtening the National Qualification System and the capacity of VQA along with its stakeholders,

-supporting the implementation of the Turkish Qualifications Framework

-supporting the establishment of VOC-Test Centers

-introducing qualified labour force into the labour market through encouraging VQA Vocational Qualification Certificates.

The TUYEP Operation consists of three components which are Technical Assistance, Direct Grant for Certification Grant Scheme and VOC-Test Centers-III Grant Scheme. 

The approval process for the service component has been completed and the tender announcement was issued on  December 4, 2018. The approval process for the VOC-Test Centers-III Grant program has been completed and related guidelines with its annexes were published on December 27-28, 2018 on the web sites of our institution, the European Union and the contracting authority. The approval process for Direct Grant-II Scheme for Certification is ongoing.

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