Authorization Pre-application for Authorization
Pre-Application for Authorization


The certification body that intends to make a pre-application for authorization registers to the VQA web portal and uploads the necessary documents to the authorization application part. After the certification body completes all the compulsory parts except for the documents regarding accreditation, the form of application for authorization created by the portal is printed out and signed by person/people authorized for representation. The signed form of application along with the signed committment letter and the original list of authorized signatures are sent to VQA together with the letter of application. A file supervisor is assigned for the certification body by VQA. The application documents are examined by the file supervisor and evaluated. ‘’A pre-application contract for authorization’’ is signed with the institution.

For the certification bodies to be able to apply for authorization, they must first complete the accreditation process for the national qualifications that take place within the scope of the related contract according to the international certification standard of “TS EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

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